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2000 - 2009

StepBack encourages performing arts students
and professionals to engage with the Traditions,
and we were delighted to have students from several
universities involved in many of these workshops and courses.

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morris 2009

exCHANGES: morris / contemporary choreographic project
Monday 30 March to Friday 3 April
10am to 6pm at Cecil Sharp House in Camden, London

The English Folk Dance and Song Society is developing
a series of professional development projects to create a
dialogue and understanding between traditional English folk
dance forms and other dance forms currently practised
in the UK.
The first of these projects seeks to explore the creative potential of morris dance and its potential as source material in contemporary dance choreography.  This one week course was led by choreographer Kate Flatt and morris practitioner Dr Anthony Allen and provided choreographers with the opportunity to work with dancers and musicians to experiment with morris dance vocabulary within a contemporary choreographic framework.
Course content i
ncluded daily dance class / instruction, choreographic workshops, creative sessions with musicians and dancers, sharing and discussion. The week concluded with an informal sharing event for a small invited audience.
Four professional choreographers who have a professional track record in choreography and are interested in gaining an understanding of traditional folk dances and exploring how they might use such material in their own choreography.  There was no charge for participating in this course.
Choreographers applied with their current CV, showing at least 3 years of professional choreography for artists and/or for amateurs/students (as long as a fee was received for the work), plus a statement of why they were interested and what they would hope to gain from taking part.
16 contemporary-trained dancers applied to EFDSS to work with four choreographers and four musicians to explore these creative possibilities. 


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COTSWOLD Morris + Music. Roehampton University Surrey.
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COTSWOLD Morris + Music. Roehampton University Surrey.

Teaching Stacked Wonky Contemporary dancers during their residency at Cecil Sharp House (Headquarters of EFDSS)
Leader: Anthony John Allen

3-day Research Project, exploring English and Zimbabwean traditional dance roots. Involving two Zimbabwean, two contemporary and two English Morris dancers with a public workshop to start with, two days research and development and a showing to finish
Leaders: Anthony John Allen and Lucky Moyo

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Appalachian Clogging course. Brighton
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The Peach and the Pair.

Sarah Alexander (recent Graduate of Brighton University)
Resolution! 2005 flier
COTSWOLD Morris + Music. Roehampton University Surrey.

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A special project in collaboration with Brighton University Performing Arts Dept. leading to an experimental performance as part of the Brighton Fringe.
Director: Laura Travail
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COTSWOLD Morris / Appalachian Clogging. University College Chichester.
COTSWOLD Morris + Music. Roehampton University Surrey.

COTSWOLD Morris / Appalachian Clogging. University College Chichester.

7 Dance & Music students from University College Chichester in a specially commissioned piece for the show in Rhythm Sticks at the Royal Festival Hall.
Director: Dale Thompson

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Commissioned by StepBack
COTSWOLD Morris / Appalachian Clogging. University College Chichester.
COTSWOLD Morris + Music. Roehampton University Surrey.

COTSWOLD Morris / Appalachian Clogging. University College Chichester.


October 2000 - January 2001

Providing workshops around the South East. Each workshop was hosted by a different group, but funded from a single central lottery grant held by Broken Ankles.  The purpose of the project was to build links between traditional dance groups and the wider dance community.

Workshops were aimed at experienced dancers who wished to learn a new style from within the English and North American traditions. (Senior dancers in traditional dance groups, dance teachers from dance schools and colleges, professional dancers and choreographers). Emphasis was on the style and vocabulary of each dance tradition giving both an informed introduction and advanced stylistic pointers for the more experienced.

English Step Clog taught by Gary O'Mahoney and hosted by Kettle Bridge Clogs. Maidstone.
English Step Clog  taught by Jane Pollitt and hosted by Broken Ankles. Brighton.
Cape Breton Stepping taught by Frank McConnell and hosted by Chequered Flag. Portsmouth.
Cotswold Morris taught by Anthony John Allen and hosted by Ditchling Morris Hassocks.
English Step Clog taught by Jackie and Ross Allen and hosted by Romanska. London
funded by the
National Lottery through the
Awards For All Millennium Festival Fund

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